Are you wasting precious time doing groceries?

You don’t feel like going out?

Triple A is a meat
and grocery delivery service

Directly at home, without wasting any time at
grocery and warehouse stores.

  • PRICES REMAIN THE SAME THROUGHOUT YOUR CONTRACT WITH US to avoid any annual increases of food costs.
  • SAVE TIME AND ENERGY: let groceries come to you, spend more time doing what you love!
  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS weekly, bi-weekly or monthly by credit card or bank transfer.

Welcome to
Triple A

Your Family grocer

“Our mission: to offer you the best of the best

  • TASTY, QUALITY MEAT and the largest variety in Canada, completely vacuum-packed sealed in high quality packaging.
  • PARTNERSHIP WITH THE BEST BEEF PRODUCERS IN CANADA, a tender marbled meat used by Canada's greatest chefs! Our beef is aged 30 to 50 days.
  • A WIDE SELECTION OF OTHER MEATS AND MORE THAN 750 GROCERY AND HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS including a full line of organic products and gluten-free products.
  • HOMEMADE “WOOD OVEN” STYLE PIZZAS: You’ll never want to order pizza from the restaurant again!
  • A RANGE OF GASTRONOMIC READY-TO-EAT MEALS prepared by our own chef in recyclable dishes that are oven, microwave and BBQ safe.
  • ​​CANADIAN AND PRIVATE IMPORTED WINE selected by our sommelier and available by the case, half-case and even by the bottle!

18 years serving people everywhere in Quebec and Ontario!

Sign up with Triple A and change the way you do groceries!

Your grocery lists

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Fish and seafood

Fruits & vegetables

Groceries and cleaning products

“Wood oven” style pizzas

Gourmet ready-to-eat

Canada and Private imported wines

Prices are determined by the quantities that YOU order.

Your advisor will be happy to give you all the information when you request a quote!

Canadian leader in home delivery of meat, vegetable, fruit and groceries for over 18 years!

Who is the Triple A service

  • YOU ARE A FAMILY OR A COUPLE with good freezer space (we can help you get one if you need).
  • YOU HAVE A GOOD CREDIT SCORE so you can spread your payments throughout the duration of your experience with us.
  • YOU LOVE QUALITY MEAT AND VEGETABLES, you can taste the difference of an excellent product. You have an "epicurean" side!
  • YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAVE TIME by avoiding the crowds, the chaos and stress of grocery and warehouse stores!

How does it work
if I am interested?

  • FILL OUT THE FORM by clicking on the button below to obtain all the information about the services and ask all your questions.
  • GET AN APPOINTMENT IN PERSON OR BY VIDEO-CONFERENCE no string attached. We'll guide you step-by-step with videoconferencing technology for a stress-free experience!
  • MAKE YOUR ORDER WITH OUR PROFESSIONAL purchase advisor to place an order that REALLY corresponds to YOUR needs and tastes.
  • RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AT HOME on a date and time slot that suits YOU. Professional and always courteous service... we make your life easier!
  • ​​YOU HAVE DIRECT ACCESS to our customer service for any questions or changes to your order. We accompany you with our human and authentic service at every step.

Our greatest pride?

Our extremely satisfied clients who remain with us year after year...


Your family grocer

With Triple A, it's:

Less time at the grocery store, more family time

Products of exceptional quality

Delivery planned around your schedule

Easy to reach customer service

Go with Triple A and change the way you do groceries!

A story of passion, experience and excellence…

A story of passion, experience and excellence…

Who are the people behind Triple A?

Your family grocer

From our kitchen to yours!

Jocelyn Lamarche, Triple A owner, has been part of the meat and groceries home delivery world for more than 30 years... According to him, that isn’t making him any younger!

Born to a father who has always worked in the food industry, he follows in the same footsteps from the age of 17. He quickly begins to climb the ladder within an existing company. His goal is clear: to hold positions of importance in ALL departments in order to fully understand the meat and groceries home delivery system.

This is also what will allow him to found Triple A and build a company where ALL aspects are perfectly organized to satisfy its clientele.

His philosophy? Taking great care of customers, offering them a great experience so that they remain part of the Triple A family for a long time.

Little anecdote... Jocelyn was one of the pioneers in the popularization of frozen food more than 25 years ago! He was even the first in Quebec to popularize the famous Tomahawk steak, very well known today, and the star of our products here at Triple A.

Looking forward to serving you WELL!

Tania Tsingakis, vice president at Triple A, has been part of the family since almost the very beginning of the company. She has been working there with passion and dedication for more than 15 years.

With her catering background, she knows about the care that must be given to the customer and to the food they are served. Her experience has given her an eye for detail and knowledge that are major assets at Triple A.

Her distinction in the art of meeting and satisfying the needs of customers is recognized among all those who have trusted Triple A for years. As they say: customer service, she knows well!

Listening to your needs

Annie Champagne is the face recognized by our customers who renew with us year after year.

As she often says, she is very close to her clients and never farther than a phone call away on her personal cell to ensure the satisfaction of her clients.

With her experience as a teacher, we can say that she went to the right school to build a great sense of listening.

In order to help you choose the Triple A products that you will receive at home, she has the ability to understand your particular needs and advise you so that the quality and flavor of each bite brings a smile to your face. 

Antonio, delivery man

Dany, delivery man

Anthony, delivery man

Joe, head buyer

Karine, financial controller

Steeve, phone adviser

Dominique, content creator

Martin, marketing director

Ericka, content creator

Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver in my area?

We deliver to all regions of Quebec and Ontario with a few exceptions. However, when we receive many requests for a particular region, we always consider the possibility of creating new routes to deliver our products to as many Quebec and Ontario homes as possible. Fill out the form by clicking on the button to check the service availability in your town.

Why don’t you show the products prices on your website?

Food prices fluctuate daily. When you become a Triple A customer, we freeze the prices of the products you choose for the duration of your contract. In addition, we follow the market every day in order to be able to give the best possible prices considering the high quality of the products we choose. Finally, let's be honnest: Triple A is a long-established leader in the delivery of meat and groceries in Quebec and Ontario...the competition may be tempted to copy our prices. However, we know they will never be able to copy our amazing service!

Why can’t we order directly online?

Triple A is a unique shopping experience for each customer. As you do not consume the same food and the same quantities as your neighbor, we offer you the services of a food purchasing advisor free of charge so that your orders correspond to YOUR needs and those of your family. In addition, this expert is in the best position to guide you and provide you with all the details, because they themselves use these products every week! Finally, our experts get to know you so they are able to recommend products adapted to your taste. If we get a new product and you are likely to appreciate it, your expert advisor will contact you to suggest it!

More questions?

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